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Rubber mats TESLA Model Y from 2020 4 pcs (revised mount) / 1050064

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Stingray™ Model Rubber Mat:
  • made just for your TESLA Model Y from 2020 (revised mount) car,
  • does not emit the smell of regenerated rubber and toxic substances,
  • remain elastic at low temperatures,
  • modern design in the form of the special checked pattern,
  • special ridges in the lower part of the mats protect the mats from slipping,
  • perfectly protect the car interior from dirt and snow,
  • the height of the edges is up to 15 mm.

The mats are made of high-quality, tested rubber that meets the standards. They are considered as all-season because they do not crack in the summer and do not freeze in the winter, which is relevant in our climate zone. The high-quality rubber compounds also guarantee greater wear resistance of the mats. Another advantage of the mats is the 15 mm edge, which effectively protects the floor from dirt and moisture, but does not cause inconvenience to the driver. The mats can be easily removed, poured out the accumulated water or cleaned. If provided by the manufacturer, the mats also have fasteners that ensure reliable fixation, and the unique checked pattern distributes water over the entire area of the mat.

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