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Conditions and rules

1) In the internet shop Openauto.eu the right to purchase goods have:

  • individuals from the age of 16 or persons under the age of 16 by the written consent of parents or guardians to enter into such transactions; 
  • legal entities.

2) The customer is responsible for registering the correctness of the submitted data. If it is found that incorrect data is provided, the customer's right to use Openauto.eu may be restricted.

3) When filling in the registration form, the client must use Lithuanian letters and follow the spelling rules of the Lithuanian language (name, surname, and place in capital letters).

4) For registration, client must indicate the exact address of the place of residence. This information is used for billing and delivery of goods. You must also provide your telephone number - before the first order is sent, representatives of Openauto.eu always contact the customer.

5) Before purchasing the product Openauto.eu, the customer must to get acquainted with the return policy and warranty (Return of Goods and Warranties).

6) The representatives of the website Openauto.eu are obligated to use the personal data of the customer only for the needs of the client related to the purchase and not to transfer it to third parties, except in the cases specified in the legal acts in force in the Republic of Lithuania, where such data must be forwarded to law enforcement authorities.

7) Copy, distribute or otherwise use the visual and verbal information provided on the website Openauto.eu only with the written permission of the representatives of the website. It is prohibited to use computer programs or perform any other actions that may interfere with the activities of Openauto.eu.

8) The representatives of the site Openauto.eu have the right to:

  • ​to modify and update the information on the site, to supplement or change the rules of use of the website (the changes take effect immediately after publication);
  • prevent the site from being used by people who do not comply with these rules;
  • to bring legal liability to persons who do not comply with these rules or cause damage.

9) A real product may differ from the product in the photo because the photo may contain additional items that are not part of the product, so customers are advised to find out all the details about the product, the product and the quantity you need to purchase before buying.

10) If the price of the item on the Internet and the store does not match, the store price is considered correct.