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Rubber 3D mats OPEL Insignia A 2008-2017, 5 pcs / black / 5015065 / higher edges

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Stingray™ 3D mats are made to the exact OPEL Insignia A 2008-2017, model. Stingray is suitable for use in a wide range of weather conditions: summer, winter, autumn and spring. These mats remain flexible even in the coldest temperatures and are easy and quick to clean.

The benefits of Stingray™ 3D mats include:

  • Stingray™ 3D floor mats are created using 3D design technology to suit the capabilities of each vehicle. This is why the mats perfectly fit every curve, shape and dimension of the car's interior.
  • Stingray™ 3D floor mats guarantee the highest level of protection for your car's interior carpeting. The sturdy 3D footrest in the left foot rest area, as well as the 4-5 cm high sides and the grooves in each mat, keep water and dirt away from your shoes on the mat.
  • Stingray™ 3D mats also have a great design. They are the perfect complement to the interior of any car. The mat set includes two front mats with fasteners (if provided by the car manufacturer), and two or three rear mats.
  • Thanks to the advanced Stingray™ 3D mat material and special structure, the mats are easy to clean. They are easy to remove from the car and cleaning is simply a matter of rinsing the mat with water.
  • High-quality TPE rubber is used in the production process, which does not lose its properties and elasticity at temperatures ranging from -50 to +50C.
  • Stingray™ 3D mats are manufactured in accordance with European quality and safety standards, thus extending their lifetime. In addition, the mats are completely safe for the driver and passengers. The products are odourless and do not cause allergic reactions, so they do not cause discomfort during use.

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